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Making a difference

Community, Environment & Culture

We are conscious that we need to build a society where people live happily and ensure the protection of the environment. It is our priority to ensure sustainability integrates across our operations.

Our approach to sustainability focuses on innovation that ensures our actions contribute positive impacts to the host communities.

Community Empowerment

Inspiring Future Generations

Miliona Initiatives - Reshaping the future

Miliona Hotels aims to shed light on the lives of young people in our community. In the underdeveloped ocean communities of the Maldives, we encourage the development of a sustainable future. Under the Miliona Umbrella, we provide direction and assistance to help young people reach their full potential, whether providing hospitality mentorship to the less fortunate or developing skills that support careers in the tourism industry.

Our affiliation with the Huvadhoo Association for Tourism (HAT), a non-governmental and non-profit organization devoted to sustainable tourism development in the islands of the South Maldives region through contribution to present and future economic, social, and environmental aspects, allows us to increase the reach of our initiatives. Manage and reshape the islands to improve tourist experiences while considering the tourism sector, culture, and society.

Collaborating together

Sustainable Community

In our pledge for community excellence, we support the development of necessary infrastructure to facilitate positive impacts in the community

In association with government institutions, NGOs, and locals, we contributed to developing a skatepark in our community to inspire youth to enhance their skills and mindset as surfers.

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