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Avanti Vaadhoo

A tropical guesthouse, built on the incredible island of GDh Vaadhoo, South Maldives, appeals to a wide range of travelers interested in surfing, diving, or leisure. Experience the authentic Maldivian island life and discover an island of wondrous depths at Avanti Vaadhoo.

Simply immerse yourself

Avanti Vaadhoo provides an affordable tropical vacation for those looking for Surfing, Diving, Snorkeling, Sports Fishing, authentic Maldives cultural heritage tours, or simply to relax.

Experience everything the Maldives has to offer from tropical local Maldives island life to crystal clear lagoons, sandy beaches, to diving, surfing, snorkeling with reef sharks, mantra rays, turtles and more.

Having access to all these experiences makes Avanti Vaadhoo a major hub to get the best of the Maldives.


All the rooms are cozy with all essentials for a peaceful retreat. All the rooms have windows to take a broad view of the island and the garden.

The rooms are spacious and equipped with private bathrooms, satellite TV, Minibar, workstation, Fast Wi-Fi connection and toiletries. All rooms also have outdoor relaxing area for those who want to smoke or read a book or relax.

Food & Beverage

Breadfruit, screw pine, chili, cucumber, watermelon, papaya, bananas, lettuce, tomatoes, and mangoes are among the many crops grown on Vaadhoo’s agricultural fields. When possible, these ingredients are used to prepare meals and beverages.

Freshly caught seafoods are provided including octopus, lobster, grouper, and reef fish. A great variety of local and international culinary delights are served together with fresh tropical juices.

Local Surf Guide holding Coral Trout he caught during the surf trip

Signature Experiences

The “Blue Bowls” Surf Spot on the island of Vaadhoo is one of the most reliable surf breaks in the Maldives. Local surfers typically have the area to themselves in most days, its the favorite among the fewer crowds visiting here to surf perfect waves.

Catch huge waves at more than 9 surf surf points within 20 minutes reach by private or shared speedboat.

Observe how the locals cultivate their crops and learn about how it is used in their day to day lives. The locals have been growing their own crops for years and get a glimpse of how they do it as you taste the produces fresh in the farm.

Learn about the rich culture and traditions and history of the Maldives during your stay. Vaadhoo history is linked with the history of Maldives.

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