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The Sunset Stay

The Sunset Stay Maldives at Thinadhoo Island is located in one of the biggest and deepest atolls in the world, only 15 km north of the equator, surrounded by the wonders of the Indian Ocean offers a perfect retreat to relax and enjoy an adventurous stay the Maldives.

The elegantly designed guesthouse with 6 bedrooms and attached bathrooms provides a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere. Enjoy stunning views of the local urban Maldivian way of life in a serene environment.

This marine sanctuary is a gem among a collection of coral atolls, lagoons, and white sands. It is home to beautiful marine life and unspoiled coral reefs, untouched uninhabited chain of islands.

Observe the beauty of nature as you cruise along the magnificent lagoons at sunset and spot turtles, vibrant fish, and eagle rays. Sunset Stay is ideal for those who are advanced Scuba Divers and Anglers or those want to learn and experience it as well.


At the Sunset Stay, there are 2 types of rooms. The difference between both is just space. However, each room is created with space and comfort in mind.

The rooms offer mesmerizing views of the urban Maldives tropical island life in both Deluxe and Deluxe Suite Rooms. All the rooms feature private bathrooms with rain showers, a Minibar, a workstation, free fast Wi-Fi and essentials amenities.

Food & Beverage

Enjoy fresh local fruits and vegetable juices to quench your thirst on a sunny afternoon. Local and international food is available for breakfast, lunch, and dinner such as ‘mashuni’ & roshi, seafood dishes, continental, pancakes, and more.

Sunset Stay Cafe and lounge bar serve a wide range of cuisine for a unique dining experience. The rooftop has a coffee and leisure area where you can sit and work while sipping your favorites.

Signature Experiences

Cruise in a high-speed sports fishing boat equipped with a fish finder, real-time sonar, and all the necessary equipment (rods, reels, lures) for jigging, popping, trolling, casting, and line fishing.

Catch pelagic species include Giant Trevally, Wahoo, Tuna, Yellowfin Tuna, Snapper, Grouper, Mahi Mahi, Red Emperor, Sweetlip Emperor, Jobfish, Squirrelfish, Coral Trout, Rainbow Runner, Dorado, Barracuda, Red Bass, Skipjack Tuna, Sailfish, Blue and Black Marlin and more.            

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